Application Service Provider (ASP)

  • Your data securely hosted by ARMCO on a system fully maintained by ARMCO
  • No longer fight for internal IT resources to support software
  • Keep pace with the ever-changing landscape in mortgage finance
  • Access the platform securely from anywhere as long as you can get online

Does this scenario feel familiar: You don’t have the ability to use your QC software remotely. Your system must be updated and debugged by internal IT staff when they can find the time. You are at a location that does not offer you access to the system, or bad weather forces shut down of your main office. You want the ability to continue your responsibilities and manage your teams from your laptop regardless of where you are. Is that too much to ask? No.

Embrace the Ease of Online Quality Control Software

ARMCO pioneered the Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) approach for mortgage quality control software and continues as the industry leader. 

Many organizations are moving their applications to web-based providers. Your employees can access ACES Web from all over the world through a standard web browser… and you no longer have to rely upon internal IT resources to keep your department on track.

As mortgage industry regulations and requirements continue to change and evolve, you may find your organization to be increasingly resource-strapped and time-constrained. ARMCO solves that problem by reducing ACES Audit Technology’s™ implementation time. Our ASP eliminates the need for IT staff to be involved in the initial deployment and ongoing maintenance of your organization's quality control system. We provide live technical and regulatory updates. You are on our servers with our configurations designed specifically for ACES, so any user-defined change can be completed in seconds. And you can expect free, ongoing technical support as you discover the ease, benefits and potential of the loan audit system.

Minimize Upfront Costs, Save Hosting Costs

By offering ACES as a service, ARMCO also minimizes the upfront financial investment to get the benefits of state-of-the art QC software. Our ASP model requires a small upfront investment for training and reasonable per-usage charges. Save the expense of hosting internally and experience peace of mind knowing that you can "pay-as-you-go" for a proven system with sophisticated functionality that scales with you and your needs.

ACES is hosted in an SSAE-16 data center and fully accessible on a 24/7 basis around the world. Our data center has multiple levels of redundancy and backup both onsite and offsite.  

Enterprise Level Performance and Customization

ACES’s architecture is capable of handling millions of loans and up to 500 simultaneous users per client in one database while still providing fast response times over the web. 

ACES loan audit technology is so flexible and feature-rich that customers rarely need additional customizations beyond those already available within the system. At the same time, ARMCO is willing to build additional features and functionalities on a custom basis to meet your organization's risk mitigation, quality control and servicing QC needs – at a price that cannot be matched by your internal IT group.

When leveraging our ACES ASP you’ll experience world class Business Intelligence / Reporting, automations that enhance productivity, sophisticated internal and external communication of loan defects, advanced sampling methodologies and other extensive capabilities  - making ACES the quality control and servicing quality control system of choice for financial organizations. 

There is a reason that the world’s largest lenders use ACES to meet their QC needs.

Let the ARMCO Team show you how ACES helps you keep up with the ever-changing landscape in mortgage finance today. Schedule a consultation at your convenience for more information.