Top-Rated Customer Service in QC

Contact ACES Customer Support: email at or call (754) 444-2627

Job No. 1 at ARMCO is helping you, our customer, succeed. We know you have a choice in audit technology and automated quality control support, and we’re ready to do what it takes to make you an ARMCO customer for life. Our implementation process, onsite training and customized support are designed to help you build the audit and QC platform that’s right for your business while minimizing the burden on your company. See how we do it, and then contact us to experience the ARMCO difference. We’ll be waiting for your call.


Don’t have the IT bandwidth or resources to undertake a new system implementation? ARMCO has you covered. Our average turn-time from contract to go-live is 45 days. Why? Because we respect your time and are eager to get you set up for success as quickly as possible.

To do that, our implementation team works directly with your QC team and IT staff to import the necessary data and documents into ACES Audit Technology™. We also help you identify which processes in ACES will help satisfy your mortgage quality control goals and objectives so that you can customize the system to your specific needs.

In addition, we provide all new clients with a testing, or “sandbox,” environment. This allows your team to get comfortable with ACES before using the system on live loan files and helps identify areas for additional training and support. ARMCO also keeps this environment up and running beyond the initial set-up phase so that you can test out proposed QC processes before they go live in ACES .


Once your data has been imported into ACES, our premiere quality control software, our ARMCO training team will conduct a three-day, on-site training session. During this session, we use your actual data and processes to demonstrate ACES’s administrative and user functions. As such, your team learns how to utilize ACES in a real-world environment to help make learning the system easy.

Additionally, our training team is available “on-the-fly” via GoToWebinar to provide ongoing education on the system when and where you need it. We also provide additional training resources in the “Knowledge” section of our Web site and are available via phone to answer any questions on the system.

You have unlimited access to all of our training and support resources free of charge throughout the life of your contract. At ARMCO, we believe answers shouldn’t come at a price. That’s why we’ve included all training and support into the cost of the system. You’ve already paid to use ACES. Why should you pay more to make it work for you?

Custom Support

Your business isn’t cookie cutter – and your mortgage quality control and servicing quality control platforms shouldn’t be either. Using an inflexible out-of-the-box template is suboptimal because every lender has their own set of risks unique to their business. We designed ACES Web to be fully customizable so that lenders could build an automated QC platform to manage their individual risk levels accordingly.

We also realize that not everyone is a programming guru. That’s why we built ACES to be customized by business users – rather than IT personnel or developers. We offer robust training to teach you how to configure ACES to meet your business’ individual needs. Adding a new process to your compliance and QC program? That’s OK, too. Our support team is ready to walk you through how to incorporate changes into your existing ACES Web configuration. Think outside the box and build a quality control platform for YOUR business – think ARMCO.