• Communicate the way you want in real time
  • Discover and relay critical exceptions immediately
  • Fully track and execute rebuttal processes
  • All communication is time and date stamped
  • Make better decisions with deficiency reporting

ACES Audit Technology includes a robust Communication Portal for direct, recorded communication between your auditors and Areas of Responsibility (AOR). This capability, unique and exclusive among mortgage quality control systems, extends the reach of ACES to a far greater number of users within your organization. Our exclusive and customizable portal allows real-time communication through ACES to both internal and external constituents - increasing QC operational efficiency, creating an electronic audit trail, and ultimately reducing defects.

Let us provide you further detail on the extensive capabilities of ACES and our Communication Portal. Contact us to schedule a personal consultation, and discover how ACES can be tailored to you and your organization’s exact needs.