Automated Data Compare

  • Increase QA efficiencies with data extraction confidence levels exceeding 95%
  • Save time by eliminating antiquated “stare-and-compare” tactics
  • Reduce gross defect rates by identifying missing critical documents
  • Automatically validate TRID disclosures v. LOS with TRIDCompare™

According to the ACES Analytics industry QC benchmarking tool, 31% of gross defects are caused by missing documents. In an ongoing effort to help its clients reduce defects and increase productivity, ARMCO continues to offer an evolving set of product enhancements to meet the shifting challenges of loan production. Powerful indexing technology identifies missing key documents in the loan file and generates automatic requests for documents to the responsible parties.

In addition, making sure your TRID disclosures match the data in your LOS is now more crucial than ever. ARMCO introduces TRIDCompare within its Auto Data Compare (ADC) technology, allowing you to automatically identify discrepancies in the loan file between the Loan Estimate, the Closing Disclosure and the data in the LOS. Using the ADC technology within ACES, clients can index documents, easily view any discrepancies and identify missing critical documents and inconsistencies, such as conflicting or missing data between multiple documents, with just the click of a mouse. Download the Brochure

Control Risk Mitigation, Defects & Non-Compliance

ACES Automated Data Compare Solutions gives you more confidence in loan quality while saving valuable time, allowing you to process more loans.  

Let us provide you further detail on the extensive capabilities within ACES. Contact us to schedule a personal consultation, and discover how ACES quality control and compliance software can be tailored to you and your organization’s exact needs.