ACES Analytics®

  • Understand how your quality control results compare to peers
  • Leverage ARMCO experience across a broad range of customers
  • Identify areas for improvement within your organization

Stop guessing. No questioning if your quality is good enough. Now, for the first time in mortgage quality control, it’s possible to benchmark your loan quality results. View the Demo to see ACES Analytics in action.

ACES Analytics leverages leading business analytics and dashboarding tools so you can compare your quality control results to industry peers.  ARMCO’s experience working with many clients and partners performing QC is that no two organizations perform QC exactly alike. Overall loan ratings and even ways of classifying exceptions (loan defects) vary from organization to organization. The only way to truly understand the quality of your loans is to benchmark against others, using results standardized and normalized via ARMCO’s proprietary technology. 

ACES Analytics is now available to all qualified lenders. Please fill out the form and we will contact you with further information regarding participation.

If you are a lender and can see how your organization will benefit from the unique QC benchmarking insights provided by ACES Analytics, please fill out the form in the upper right of the page and we will contact you with further information regarding participation. 

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