Outsourcing Professionals

  • Create instant IT infrastructure
  • Automate QC reviews affordably
  • Provide better service to customers

New vendor management requirements mean that as an outsourcing vendor, you can’t compromise the quality and security of your system infrastructure. ACES Audit Technology™ offers you a mortgage quality control solution that enables you to focus on building your business – not worrying about your system.

ARMCO provides ACES to outsourcing companies nationwide to support their QC service offerings. Our quality control software and audit technology provides you with an instant IT infrastructure affordably, allowing you to expand your business on a system designed to grow with you. ACES is capable of supporting multiple clients, and its customized reporting capabilities enable you to produce professional-grade reports with ease. 

The decision to keep QC in-house or to outsource is different for every lender. If you are a lender looking for an in-house QC software solution, click here to learn more about ACES.