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Educate yourself and your team about mortgage quality control best practices to help improve your current processes and increase your bottom line. ARMCO, ACES Risk Management is dedicated to providing educational resources to mortgage professionals and business leaders. We hope you find our information practical and beneficial. 

eBook: A Historical Look at Mortgage Fraud - Lessons Learned and How to Prevent Future Risk

This e-book from ARMCO will take you through a historical look at mortgage fraud and what lessons could be learned from the past fraud cycles to prevent future risk. 
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White Paper: Achieving Operational Excellence in QC

In this white paper, we will walk you through a real-life case study of a lender whose QC operations went from bad to excellent. Learn how to improve your QC operations. 
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Checklist: 20 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your QC Process

This checklist was designed to help mortgage quality control professionals assess their current QC process. Whether you are outsourcing your QC, managing QC in-house through an audit technology software, or running your own in house QC process, it is important to evaluate if this process is the most efficient and successful in meeting the needs of your organization.
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Guide: 5 Reasons to Adopt Advanced Analytics & Technology in Mortgage QC

See how mortgage quality control professionals can zero in on QC issues, where they are occurring, the potential root cause, and who is involved by leveraging advanced audit technology.
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Guide: Top 3 Quality Control Trends You Need to Know for 2015

Lenders should dedicate the time to assess the effectiveness of their current quality control systems knowing the risks that lie ahead in 2015.This guide can help you determine whether your quality control solutions provider is prepared to address these risks, and if not, prepare you to seek out QC audit technology and risk management solutions that will support your success.
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Discussion Checklist: 20 Questions to Ask a QC Software Provider

This checklist was designed to help mortgage QC professionals assess their current mortgage loan audit technology. Utilize these questions in your discussions to determine if your mortgage quality control software requirements are being met.
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Worksheet: Fannie Mae’s Quality Control Self-Assessment

Use this Fannie Mae Mae worksheet to take the mortgage quality control self-assessment to help you develop and update your organization’s mortgage QC plan. The document is designed to help you manage your risk and comply with Fannie Mae’s Selling Guide requirements, and includes highly suggested practices for quality control. 
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