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Lend Your Ear to Our Clients – Inspiring case studies and video testimonials

What customers say about ARMCO

ARMCO is a market innovator

“ARMCO is a market innovator in the products that they offer and the service...”


ARMCO customer service

“They act like they are part of our QC team...”


The ARMCO difference

Watch ARMCO CEO, Avi Naider, give a brief overview of the company mission statement and what sets ARMCO apart from the rest.


What customers say about ACES Audit Technology™

Why choose ACES Audit Technology

“We really wanted something that was flexible and customizable…”


How ACES allows users to make better business decisions

“It’s limitless how much information you can get and what you can do with your company...”


Which ACES features are most attractive?

“The ability to customize, the reporting aspects that come with that, adding fields and monitoring productivity…”


ACES flexibility & customization

“The customization of the ACES system is the reason why we went with ARMCO...”


ACES reporting capabilities

“The actual reporting capability provides so much flexibility that I can create any report that's requested...”


ACES sampling capabilities

“You actually can perform so much more efficient in your business operations if you were utilizing ACES sampling methodology...”


ACES Intelligent Questionnaires

“Now that we have the ACES multi-answer questionnaire, it has to have cut our workload by 50%...”


ACES Communication Portal

“We utilize the communication portal extensively to bring together various components in our organization that otherwise don't talk...”


How ACES compares to other QC software providers

“ACES, compared to some of the other systems we evaluated, was much more flexible and robust when it came to customization…”


ARMCO’s case studies

Case Study: The Mortgage Firm

The Mortgage Firm, Inc. was able to review more audits, much faster, for both pre-funding and post-closing QC and improve reporting times by 70%


Case Study: Fairway Independent Mortgage

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation increases QC audit productivity by 30% using ACES Audit Technology™


Case Study: Crescent Mortgage

Crescent Mortgage unifies, streamlines in-house quality control using ACES Audit Technology™


Case Study: The Money Source

The Money Source takes back control over quality control with ACES Audit Technology™


Case Study: CU Companies

CU Companies produces enterprise-wide reporting and holistic risk mitigation with ACES Audit Technology™


Case Study: CU Companies

CU Companies increases productivity by over 50% by using ACES Intelligent Questionnaire (ACES IQ)


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