User-Defined Customization

  • The right solution should be tailored to your business needs
  • What unlimited user-defined fields can do for you
  • Customizable questionnaires for operational efficiency & compliance
  • Custom reports with boundless possibilities that please the GSEs

The right mortgage quality control software and audit technology solution for today’s professional is one that can be completely tailored to your business needs. No two organizations are alike. You need a flexible system that can accommodate your risk mitigation requirements and preferences and enable your competitive strategies to drive real-world results. 

ACES Audit Technology™ is completely configurable to adjust to your requirements. You have the power and flexibility to define different audits and create multiple checklists, exceptions, rating scales, re-verification documents and much more. ARMCO also provides default templates if you’d like to use the system out-of-the box and immediately put plans in motion.

Unlimited User-Defined Fields

ACES has the ability to import over a thousand user-defined fields. You can produce multiple types of trending analysis using any field(s) imported into the system. Imagine, with the support of ARMCO, the possibilities at your fingertips and the change you can effect.

Sampling the Way You Want

Sampling can be performed based on any fields you define. Manually select your sample, import a loan selection or leverage our ACES Auto Loan Sampling criteria. We offer several GSE-vetted sampling approaches, including stratified and statistical sampling methodologies. Learn more about customization and sampling with ACES.

Customizable Checklist Questionnaires

ACES checklist questionnaires are completely customizable. You may add, change, and/or remove any operational question sets, or use your own. You have complete control over how your auditors process exceptions, whether certain items will be hard-coded or if auditors are allowed to change exceptions, significances or areas of responsibility.

Imagine and Create Any Type of Report

ACES has partnered with SAP Business Objects to offer the most robust and flexible technology on the market. You have unlimited options for reporting. Narrative reports, graphs, charts and trending analysis are included in ACES. You may modify existing reports with ease as agency and investor requirements evolve. We hear from clients frequently about how their robust ACES reports please the GSEs, who appreciate, if not expect, comprehensiveness and clarity in reporting. Learn more about customizable reports with ACES.

>Schedule a consultation with an ACES specialist, and let’s explore how customization can bring your quality control plan to life and shape your organization’s future.