• Increase productivity with system integrations
  • Centralize your data and control use of supporting tools
  • Convert files from any Loan Origination System (LOS)
  • Manage the unmanageable with one system that ties it all together

One of the key aspects of good quality control software and audit technology is how easily the system integrates with other internal and external systems. 

ARMCO is continuously developing and expanding our strategic alliances and partnerships with third parties as industry needs evolve. ARMCO brings third-party services into ACES Audit Technology™ so you can centralize your data, analyze it with as much information as possible and view it at any point in the loan lifecycle.

ARMCO integrates with some of the leading mortgage technology service providers: 

Manage your best tools in one place, saving time and centralizing your data while supporting compliance. Take the tools and vendors that make sense to your business and manage them all within ACES. Why take time out of anyone’s day to reach outside of the system if tools are conveniently provided within the system of record?

LOS Integration Made Easy

ACES comes with a proprietary integration tool that allows for smooth conversion of files from any Loan Origination System (LOS) into our platform. ACES XML Builder enables our customers to convert data from any data source into an XML format that ACES will recognize. This is especially important if you receive loan data in many different types of formats. Data from your LOS can be sent to ACES on a continuous basis - avoiding delays and enabling the 24-48 response time critical to a successful pre-funding process.

A Single Controlled System

The perfect solution combines flexible, yet consistent, technologies in a single controlled system; allows for human judgement and tracks and monitors all judgements and steps from pre-funding to post-close. The new normal in mortgage banking means having greater control over your processes and your data – and only ACES can give you ultimate control.

Schedule a consultation today to speak to an ARMCO specialist to learn more about our technology integrations and the streamlined vendor management you can expect from ACES.