Audit Technology Platform

  • Experience seamless coordination and communication in real time
  • Reduce headaches from IT dependency with an online application
  • Feel true control with customized importing, sampling, communication & reporting

ACES Audit Technology™ provides you ultimate flexibility and control to manage your auditing requirements. Place your organization’s mortgage quality control plans, policies and procedures in motion via a state-of-art system to substantially reduce auditing time, reduce risk and allow you to change your departmental profile from a cost center to a strategic profitability center. The industry’s leading mortgage quality control software that supports seamless coordination , communication in real time and mortgage risk management will help you get there.

ACES has built its reputation over the last two decades by efficiently solving the loan audit needs of mortgage professionals. We facilitate any process involving loan files: pre-funding and post-closing quality control, mortgage servicing QC, auditing, compliance reviews, due diligence reviews and more.

Web-Based Advantages

ACES is a secure, web-based application that handles your entire audit process. With control of IP addresses, you may grant access to any employee or remote employee with an internet connection. No cumbersome installation is required. Because ACES is always maintained by ARMCO, say goodbye to dependence on your IT resources to make any changes to ACES or to the way your systems communicate with ACES. 

It Starts with Easy Data Importing

Import data from any of your sources. ACES’s loan import functionality imports loan data electronically from your LOS, legacy database or even Excel spreadsheets. Your IT department does not need to be involved unless you prefer them to be. ACES imports an unlimited number of user-definable fields from multiple third-party data sources, in any format, to review multiple types of loans. Our SFTP option allows us to scan your SFTP folder as often as every 5 minutes, which enables ACES to meet your real-time pre-funding needs. Or, if you prefer, loans can be manually keyed into the system using as many fields as desired or as few as three.

Improving Productivity with Smart Sampling

Easy-to-use Audit, Loan Selection, and Loan Assignment Modules (all included in the ACES system) are integrated into a streamlined workflow, guiding analysts and administrators through a process that improves productivity. The Automated Loan Selection Module (ALS) chooses loans for audit based on the most advanced industry-accepted loan sampling methodologies. The Audit Module permits an unlimited number of user-definable fields so you can tailor ACES Web to your organization's specific activities. The automation of loan assignment to analysts, based on criteria set up by you, is included in the Loan Assignment Module. ACES has safeguards to enforce your business practices and manage employee access rights, providing you a new level of assurance. Learn More about ACES Sampling

Regulatory Support & Process Control with Advanced Questionnaires

Feel confident with complete regulatory compliance support provided by ARMCO. ACES ensures that loans are originated according to secondary market investors' guidelines. Questionnaires (checklists) are maintained and updated as new rules emerge, prior to enforcement. Our questionnaires contain advanced features, such as criteria-driven questions and triggers that automatically answer questions based on prior answers. We provide you absolute control over how your auditors process exceptions. Completely customizable loan exceptions have two levels of Area of Responsibility (AORs), definable significance levels and dynamic comment functionality. Sophisticated processes within the software allow users to easily track, manage and monitor loan exceptions - enabling true risk mitigation for your organization.

Communication That Reduces Defects

Organization-wide communication is critical for reporting Gross vs. Net Defects, passing Fannie Mae audits/reviews and overall risk reduction. ACES is unique among QC software and audit systems, with a comprehensive Communications Portal that facilitates inter-organizational and third-party dialogue regarding exceptions and audits. Included in the system, the exclusive portal enables direct and recorded communication between your auditors and AORs. You control how communication flows; how often exception notifications are sent. You direct auto-reminders to AORs for outstanding exceptions - which eliminates the unwieldy “tracking down” of responses via email or other systems. Experience a new level of control and certainty with coordinated communication. Learn More about ACES Communication

Powerful, Unlimited Reporting Capabilities

The comprehensive Reporting Module, included in ACES, enables you to create any report you desire in any format. Take advantage of our many default reports popular with current ARMCO clients, modify these templates or leverage our quality control software to produce any type of report you can imagine. Please your management and external auditors with report visualization, such as graphs and charts. Build a suite of reports with total ease. 

Communication and Reporting within ACES can be used to clearly notify management about defects, inform the parties responsible for resolving the defects, document the resolution of the defects and report results of the resolution efforts to appropriate management. Learn More about ACES Reporting.

Certainly the best way to determine if ACES mortgage loan audit technology is right for you is to schedule a consultation. Let one of our product specialists hear your quality control or servicing quality control needs and offer you further detail on how the system can be tailored to your business requirements and risk mitigation needs.