ACES Automated Document Manager™

  • Save time and money by eliminating antiquated manual processes to reconcile various loan documents
  • Reduce gross defect rates by identifying and obtaining missing critical documents
  • Pre-defined categories and document types ensure consistency across the client’s organization
  • Boost productivity and review more loans by saving time with automation

Identify, Bookmark and Organize Loan Documents Automatically - Lenders and outsource providers are always looking for ways to increase their quality control process time and reduce exceptions.  ACES Automated Document Manager (ADM) is a technology that uses robotic process automation to automate the core activities lenders undertake to reduce gross loan defects.

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Control Risk Mitigation, Defects & Non-Compliance

ACES Automated Document Manager gives you more confidence in loan quality while saving valuable time, allowing you to process more loans. The ADM platform can be easily integrated within ACES or serve as a stand-alone tool.  

Let us provide you further detail on the extensive capabilities within ACES. Contact us to schedule a personal consultation, and discover how ACES quality control and compliance software can be tailored to you and your organization’s exact needs.