• Automatically validate over 200 data fields within TRID disclosures v. LOS
  • Save time by eliminating antiquated “stare-and-compare” tactics
  • Quickly and easily address exceptions by linking documents with identified discrepancies
  • Become more productive to review more loans by automating your qc process

ARMCO engages continuous improvement protocols to keep ACES relevant and current for our clients. We foresaw that the TRID-related slowdown in loan production would make QC even harder for the industry. That is why we focused our development efforts on areas where technology could combat the additional complexity created by TRID.

Making sure your TRID disclosures match the data in your LOS is now more crucial than ever. ARMCO introduces TRIDCompare within its Automated Data Compare (ADC) technology, allowing you to automatically identify discrepancies in the loan file between the Loan Estimate, the Closing Disclosure and the data in the LOS. With the help of an ARMCO specialist, TRIDCompare allows you to extract over 200 data fields in the LE and CD, export to Excel and view dynamic comparison matrix that identifies all changes of circumstance.

Let us provide you further detail on the extensive capabilities within ACES. Contact us to schedule a personal consultation, and discover how ACES quality control and compliance software can be tailored to you and your organization’s exact needs.