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Agency | GSE News, Disaster News | May 22, 2020

Freddie Mac Selling Guide Bulletin 2020-17 Reissued

Freddie Mac reissued Selling Guide Bulletin 2020-17 to remove language in the last column of the “is subject to a repayment...

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Agency | GSE News | May 22, 2020

USDA Special Procedure Notice: Clerical Revisions to Handbook 1-3555

USDA announces updates to HB-1-3555, Chapter 18, to update “State of Territory” for Alabama and Utah, and reference from “Attachment 8” to “Refer...

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Federal Legislation, Disaster News | May 22, 2020

CFPB Takes Action to Help Struggling Homeowners Seeking Mitigation Efforts; Consumers Seeking Small-Dollar Loans

The CFPB issued two No-Action Letter (NAL) Template: one template enables mortgage servicers to use Brace Software's online platform to implement loss-mitigation efforts...

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Disaster News | May 22, 2020

Red Flags for COVID-19-Related Fraud

Banker’s Compliance Consulting--Jamie Gustafson

FinCEN released the first advisory of 22 red flags, as well as case studies for three...

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Federal Legislation, Legal News | May 22, 2020

OCC Enforcement Actions and Terminations

The OCC announced new enforcement actions and Terminations against national banks, federal savings associations, and individuals currently and formerly affiliated...

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Federal Legislation, Disaster News | May 22, 2020

CFPB issues FAQs regarding ECOA and Regulation B compliance related to COVID-19 crisis

The CFPB issued three FAQs clarifying how ECOA and Regulation B relate to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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ACES IQ-Banner #2

Industry News | May 22, 2020

Measuring Mortgage Hardships and Delinquencies

DSNews—Seth Welborn

TransUnion’s new Monthly Industry snapshot indicated a percentage of accounts in hardship and delinquencies had increased significantly across...

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State News | May 21, 2020

Iowa Adopts Provisions Regarding Electronic and Remote Notarial Acts

ARC 5041C adopted and filed May 20, 2020 implements, in whole or in part, Iowa Code chapter 9B establishing procedures for electronic...

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